It’s a noun. It’s a verb. It’s SHED.

cluttered shed.jpgIt is common knowledge that a shed (noun) is a storage building, typically containing things that we use infrequently (e.g., holiday decorations) and/or paraphernalia that are used for outdoor (i.e., messy, dirty) tasks. The noun form of “shed” may possibly derive from a particular use of the word “shade,” which means “partial darkness, shelter, protection from glare or heat.”

Altogether, this describes the purpose and contents of the shed at our house: Protected from both the harshest of weather elements, and the daily supervision from our watchful eyes, our stuff accumulates over time. (We suspect that it breeds in the dark.) Inevitably, out-of-sight leads to out-of-mind, and ultimately to out-of-room!

That’s where the verb form of shed comes to the rescue. It comes from a root word meaning “to cut, separate, divide, part, or split.” And that’s exactly the process that confronts us every few years, when we have no choice but to clean out all the stuff in the shed that is no longer useful to us. If it’s broken, rotted, obsolete, or in any other way not working for us the way it used to or the way we hoped it would, we part with it.

As awakening human beings in the throes of dramatic personal and planetary changes, it is imperative that we perform the same “spring cleaning” on ourselves that we do on our small out-buildings. We need to regularly go into the hidden contents deep within ourselves to do inventory on our beliefs and behaviors, and ask ourselves the famous Dr. Phil question: “How’s that workin’ for ya?” If we take this assignment seriously, we will discover what Jenny Schiltz said in her recent “DNA Spin Increasing with the Light” blog (, “What worked for us before may not work for us now.”

Mother Earth and all her human and non-human children are vibrating at higher frequencies than either has been able to do for a long, long time. What this means practically is, the beliefs and behaviors we maintained in previous decades and centuries will no longer serve us in this new age. So it’s time to shed whatever is in our personal shed (body, mind, spirit) that prevents us from functioning at our highest capacity and being fully human. I recommend that the following be among the first to go: fear, anger, judgment and blame, guilt and shame, illusion, expectations, drama, and karma. (All of these are covered in more detail in Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New, which you can purchase here.)

empty shed.jpgYou’ll be amazed at how much room you’ll have inside you to gather tools for a new way, and a new day.

(Photos not my own; found online)


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