Happy Mother’s Day, MOAM!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, and to yours.

SKMOAM flowers 2

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL mothers around the world – the ones alive today, the ones who as ancestors continue to mother us from the other side of the veil, and the ones yet to come who are being dreamed into future life even as I write this.

Happy Mother’s Day to the feminine force that nurtures and sustains all of life, and to the motherly instinct that resides in each and every one of us, regardless of our gender.

And the ultimate Happy Mother’s Day wish goes out to MOAM  (Mother of All Mothers) – Mother Earth.

Thank you, MOAM, for calling all of us Your children; for loving us unconditionally with all that You are; for providing all we need and so much more to live happy and healthy lives; and for not abandoning us even as we forget who You are and how to take care of You as well as You take care of us.

It is not enough to celebrate and honor You, MOAM, on Earth Day alone; and it’s still not enough to dedicate Mother’s Day to You as well. For truly, every day is the day to cherish You and thank You for our very lives.

Today, MOAM, may you feel our love for You. And tomorrow, may we say “Thank you!” again, and the next day and the next, as long as we breathe Your air.

Let it be so. And so it is.


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