Rage by Another Name, Part 2 – The Collective

The happy ending of my tsunamic rage, described in Part 1 of this blog, was the result of my ability to embrace rage as a gift, and to accept its invitation to go through all the steps of emotional clearing, and integration. (If you haven’t read Part 1 yet, you might want to do so now, so that Part 2 will have more meaning for you.)

Then, and now, I invite you to practice the same emotional clearing and integration process whenever you feel emotionally overwhelmed. . . preferably before it escalates to rage status! . . . but it’s never too late to practice these skills. Of course, the more we each practice this process, the better we will become in integrating all kinds of triggers and situations – good, bad, and ugly. With practice, virtually every stimulus that registers with us can be thought of as a catalyst for our own evolution. With practice, every encounter and interaction is a teacher, sent to help us perceive, understand, and manifest our own lives and realities.

The focus of Part 2 is the acknowledgement of major shifts that are beginning to occur (they’ve actually been in progress for many years, but they’re coming into our range of perception now), which will constantly test our ability to emotionally clear and integrate. These changes will affect ALL of us, the collective. Furthermore, how we respond to those changes as a collective will have huge and long-lasting effects on the whole planet, and beyond. In fact, the future of all Earthly life will be determined by the commitment we collectively make to the frequent and earnest practices of emotional clearing, and integration. It is truly an amazing time we’re in, and we will get the best out of it if we put our best selves into it.

As I did in Part 1, I offer here some additional resources on what I’m talking about. I was thrilled to find these two videos, featuring astrologist Pam Gregory. They’re absolutely packed with information, presented in a way that I could understand the broader context of the great shift we’re in, even if I didn’t know the details about astrology. In this video, Pam talks about the move of Uranus into Taurus in May 2018, and what the themes are likely to be since then, and up to 2026 when it enters Gemini. Pam describes and envisions significant changes in virtually every facet of our lives (economics, medicine, communication, transportation, political structures, etc.), which are likely to accelerate the consciousness shift that many of us are experiencing. In a follow-up video, she describes how the energies generated by galactic and celestial activities may make us feel, physically and spiritually. Together, the videos are preparing us for big changes in the next few years, beginning this very month of August, 2018. Some of these changes will bring about great joy, which is typically easy to integrate into our lives. But some will throw us off balance quite a bit, maybe disturb us significantly, or even shake us to the core. Because many of the changes will be unprecedented in our planet’s history, most of the changes in our lives will be brand new, and all of them will require our constant emotional clearing and integration.

So, what does this have to do with rage? Simply put, rage is an option. It turned out to be the one I unconsciously chose (in Part 1), because I hadn’t done sufficient emotional clearing and integration in advance to prevent it. I’m now much more conscious of the method and the necessity of these practices, more aware of my own human nature, and much less likely to allow rage to be an option for me in the future.

IMG_1659What is true for me, is also true for the collective: rage is an option. But as you can imagine, the danger is far greater if the collective opts for rage than if an individual does so. Fortunately, no destruction occurred during my rage; but can you imagine if millions of people on the planet were enraged at the same time? The whole planet would be at risk of total destruction.

The fate of Earth and all of the life she births and nurtures will ride on our collective response to what the coming days and years will bring. So, let’s all keep calm, clear our emotions, and integrate.

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