Introducing . . .

Perhaps, as you’ve browsed my website, you’ve wondered about this image . . . who or what it is, where it came from, and what it means.

sand ISR

The shape of the figure was inspired by my viewing of the “Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds” movie.  (You can watch it for free, but do the right thing and make a donation to its producers. Better yet, buy the movie. You won’t regret it.) In particular, what amazed me was the movie’s explanation and display of fractal geometry as the natural regeneration pattern of every living thing.

The fractal is the simplest component of everything, fractaland it contains within it the pattern
of the whole of creation. In other words, every single fractal of every naturally occurring and regenerating thing is an exact but miniscule replica of the whole (or as a statistician would say, a representative sample of the whole).

Within this fractal image, I saw the outline of the human body. And with my newfound understanding of fractal geometry, I glimpsed the reviving indigenous soul within it.

And that’s how the the ISR Human image was born.

The ISR human is a figure that represents the multi-dimensional human that each of us is. It carries within itself the highest potential of being fully human, and so do we. It is both our birthright and our calling.

In addition to “ISR” standing for “Indigenous Soul Revival,” the strategic placement of the ISR lettering within the body represents some features of being fully human. The position of “I” in the head area denotes the location where intuition and higher consciousness reside. It is the locus of our “third eye,” the one that can see (sense, recognize) the unseen. The letter “I” in this location supports the notion that we are primarily spiritual beings wrapped in physical bodies, rather than vice versa.

The “S” on the chest indicates that humans are indeed super beings! We are nothing short of miracles, and we have more power than we know, more than we real-ize (make real). Reviving our indigenous souls is largely about remembering how fully capable we are. I often liken a human being to a brand new computer that someone purchases. Right out of the box and fully charged, it’s ready to perform innumerable functions, but the operator has to learn what all those functions are. When we are born into this world, we’re already constructed and wired sufficiently to perform at full human capacity. The purpose of our lives is to learn, remember, and practice that fullness . . . to be as super as we’re capable of being.

The “R” is in the human reproductive area, representing the continuation of life. As a counter-balance to the spiritually-based “I” in the head area, the “R” in the lower area of the body represents the physical dimension of our existence, and the natural and instinctive regeneration of life within that dimension. Fractal geometry expresses itself in matter. Being fully human includes the instinctive yearning for regenerating as well as the intentional commitment to honoring and perpetuating the cycle of life and death.

Perhaps you are now wondering, “Does this ISR human have a name?” Until this moment, “ISR Human” was its name.  Starting today, its name is Yumi.

ISR Human is you, me. cropped-png-file-isr-human1.png

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