This Now is the Time

This is the time of year when the leaves on deciduous trees turn from summer green to autumn gold, orange, and red. Some leaves have already dropped from their trees’ branches. Following suit are the nuts and seeds of certain tree species, such as the giant oak tree from which these large acorns came. It’s one of my favorite trees in a park that is my favorite place to walk, especially at this time of year.


The size and quantity of these acorns seem to exceed that of previous years, but maybe I’m paying more attention these days to subtle evidence of Mother Nature’s audacious insistence that life continue. These beauties were spread across the walking path like a knobby carpet, for a stretch of twenty feet or so. Walkers beware, for these seeds will not be denied. They bear witness to the past (they were birthed), the present (there they are, right under your feet!), and the future (they carry the promise of another generation of trees, or meals for winter-bound squirrels), all at once in what is indigenously known as Now. Now time is the time required for life to continue.

The Mayan term for Now time is Najt/Space-Time, and yesterday (Oct. 2nd to us westerners; 9 B’atz to the Mayans) was a very important day in the Cholq’ij Calendar, the day in which Female energy was manifested and woven into the fabric of Najt/Space-Time.  These words from the Saq’ Be’ website explain further: “It is the guiding thread of that essence that brings the subtleness, kindness, and creativity. It is the magic and the mysterious force that breaks through dimensions and brings us the marvel of life. It is because of this that when they were shaping the Cholq’ij/Sacred Maya Calendar, the wise men designated this the women’s day.”

Okay, okay, so I missed this important day by one day; but it’s lingering feminine, creative energy was plenty noticeable to me a day later! And the website can vouch for me: it states that this sacred day marked the opening day of the stirring and awakening of the feminine energy in all of us. It was the opening day for us to reconnect with the kind creative powers within us, and with Mother Earth’s amazing creative power (i.e., Her insistence that life continue). And that is absolutely what I felt in the park, a day later. . . in Now time.

“Do you want life to continue?” the acorns ask us. “Your ancestors brought you here, and are counting on you Now,” they remind us. “Your inheritance from them is the code you Now carry in you for the kind creation of your descendants’ livelihood. Now is the time you are needed.”

It is Now time to ask ourselves, “What have we done? What are we doing? What will we do?” Let us be insistently audacious, and kind-heartedly creative, in making sure that life continues.

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