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“Indigenous” refers not only to cultures and  peoples, but also to a way of being. The indigenous way is the embodied ancient memory of how to be fully human, and it’s embodied in your soul, no matter who your ancestors are. Hidden deep and dormant within your indigenous soul is your identity and your life’s purpose, longing for you to remember them and put them into action.

Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New can help you do both, as you

  • learn the origin, meaning, and application of 31 common verbs that collectively capture what it means to be fully human;
  • visualize via illustrated appendices the interplay of the physical and spiritual aspects of your indigenous soul at work;
  • discover how ancient wisdom and timeless practices have already defined and shaped you and will forever do so;
  • follow the cues for reflection to discern the meaning that each chapter brings to your own life; and
  • engage in recommended practices to achieve success in reviving your own indigenous soul.

At this unprecedented time in planetary and cosmic history, you are needed. You are whole and sufficient, gifted and powerful. You are enough, and you are called to go out into the world and be enough. Let Reviving Our Indigenous Souls remind you of the former and guide you through the latter.


The book is available from Balboa Press in softcover ($16.99 + $5.65 shipping) and e-book version ($7.99). Allow at least two weeks for delivery.


The book is also available on Amazon.


If you live in the Richmond VA area, please place your book order with                  Book People of Richmond, by clicking:


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