The Indigenous Soul Revival Class offers a blend of lecture, discussion, and guided experiences to explore what it means to be fully human in times of great change. Over the 6-week period, you will be guided through the 31 ancient yet timeless practices that comprise the book, Reviving Our Indigenous Souls: How to Practice the Ancient to Bring in the New. These practices – all verbs – collectively and interdependently present a way of being in the world that is balanced, authentic, organic and spiritual, humble yet courageous, and challenging yet rewarding. The “fabric” of indigenous soul revival is introduced early, to explain and illustrate the greater context of the importance of these practices – how our practice of them contributes to our own inner work, the management of our own power, the evolution of humanity and the planet, and the navigation of dramatic changes in the new age which we have recently entered.

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Register Early! To optimize participants’ experience, the class is designed for 12 people.


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